Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is Social Volunteering the New Hip Thing?

This week, I had the pleasure to meet Heidi, a young event planner interested in volunteering for our community. Heidi is coming with a group, her group. She has convinced 30 of her single friends to join her in giving some of their time to the elderly. A few hours, one Saturday a month, working side by side, and then getting together for dinner afterwards. 

Heidi is part of a new movement in volunteering. They are young, hip professionals who want to do good and have fun at the same time. They are the same folks with an active social media presence. 

I can smell a new startup in the making, a social volunteering network that would combining social media, old-fashioned volunteering, and youthful spirit. 


  1. it can only be good, can't it??? as long as it's not the movie before dinner.

  2. I hope it takes off! Makes me feel younger just thinking about it!

  3. They don't have steady professional jobs, and are living with their parents until 35. At least they're getting out and doing something. I'd bet that Heidi is just special, not indicative of a major movement. Nice dream, though.

  4. ZenDot, David, yes, very god indeed. I was just so inspired, so taken by the combination of energy, creativity, and youthful spontaneity. Same way I feel about the social media revolution, including Twitter, and yes, blogging also.

  5. 'Anonymous', actually, all of Heidi's friends are working professionals with good jobs, not living with their parents, and wanting to channel some of their urge to do good. I see the same urge manifesting in my children, and their friends, none of them slouches . . .