Friday, February 24, 2012

"Why Are You So Sad?"

This morning, sitting at La Boulange, waiting for a friend, I must have had a melancholic look on my face. Not that I was unhappy or anything . . . 

This old man walks in with his friend, taps me on the shoulder, and with the sweetest smile, tells me, "Smile. Why are you so sad?" and heads out to the counter to order some coffee. 

We should all be tapping on each other's shoulders. And invite each other to smile. And wonder aloud, "Why are you so sad?"


  1. Yes, I think we all need the friendly touch once in a while when the friend sees what we are reluctant to admit.

  2. I love this! simple and profound, a wake up call! I am smiling. Thank-you

  3. David, Carole, you know what struck me most is the lasting power of that fleeting encounter. I am still giggling just thinking of it. A sweet version of the zen master's blow on one's shoulder.

  4. Just a word from another camp - I hate it when people tell me to smile. A little smile and nod would have been fine.

  5. I know what you mean, and I usually would not respond well to an 'injunction' to smile, etc. But the feeling behind the words and the action was one of genuine love and kindness, and my heart had no choice but to respond in kind.