Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gimme Some Trouble

(While away on women's retreat with Ruth Denison, I decided to lend this blog to some of my favorite  Buddhist women teachers.)

Pema again . . . This is one of my favorite videos, from Pema Chodron:


  1. Ah, the theme of the "Petty Tyrant" from Carlos Castaneda. No tradition is privy to wisdom!

  2. Thank you both. Actually, this was one of the core issues I dealt with during the retreat. In the end, the main trouble is always within :)

  3. I watch this video whenever I visit ur blog. Its becoming a fav., and it helps each time, to come back after being tested outside, and hear it reflect yet again where I got hooked;)

  4. Ruth gave some similar teachings, that I will share in later post, and have been extremely helpful for me. I can say I came back a changed person :)