Thursday, March 8, 2012

Connected, or Split Self?

Rushing through the day, I found myself eating bowl of cereal while checking emails. And got hit with the realization of the risk to one's well-being, of the mindless use of technology. Not until I paused, and sensed what else was happening, did I notice the split in consciousness that had just taken place. Sure, I had connected to the big world out there, all the way to Stanford, and MIT research labs. I had clicked on interesting folks' profiles, signed up for an upcoming event. Mind was excited . . . And yet, I had related to the world from such a narrow band of consciousness. Only thinking mind involved. 

How about the tasting of dried cherries, of crunchy almonds, of granular cereals, and sweet milk? How about the drumming of the spoon against the bowl? How about the loud sound of chewing? How about the gratitude for such good food taken in? How about the experience of sitting up straight, and bringing the cold metal to one's lips? How about the major event of swallowing? How about the breath? How about . . . ? So many sensations happening either sequentially or in unison, and adding up to a rich, multifaceted  experience. I had missed most of it. 

When multitasking on the computer, the web almost always win. There is nothing wrong with being online. It is all a matter of bringing all of oneself to the experience. Remembering, when I am working online, I am working online, and not doing anything else. I am aware of the experience of fingers clicking on the keyboard, and the cliquetis noise. I am aware of how I sit, and the sensation of the sole of my feet on the floor. I am aware of mind engaged in cyberspace. I am aware of body being breathed. 

Being connected online, and with oneself.


  1. I have to laugh because i am reading your post as i am having a bowl of soup (often too it's a bowl of cereal) and agree 100% with what you write. This is something i too have not yet conquered, along with some other such moments. Even when i sit at the table for a proper meal, i eat too fast and don't seem to manage to savour the moment... thank you for the reminder!! and thank you for the link in your previous post! i am thoroughly enjoying your writings!!

  2. Thank you, Michele. You got me laughing too . . .

    Humor as manifestation of gentle awareness :)

  3. This is just too funny. Only because I had to put down my bowl of raisin bran with yogurt and soy milk to type this response!