Friday, August 10, 2012

Off to Cloud Mountain

(This and the following posts for the next two weeks will be pre-scheduled blogs to keep some kind of life, here on Mind Deep, while I am away and retreating with Leigh Brasington at Cloud Mountain. Two weeks of noble silence, practice insight and concentration. A gift in the midst of what is a very busy work phase . . .

In honor of Ayya Khema, Leigh's primary teacher, I will feature some of  my  favorite videos of her.)


  1. need to tell you that I am listening to this video right now and thank you for sharing it... she speaks so clearly and "simply" and her words are so powerful. have a good retreat!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! I was there in March and loved the place very much. Thank you for your practice.

  3. Michele, if you want to hear more of her talks, you may go to Dharma Seed.

  4. Stacy, just got back from Cloud Mountain. Loved the place very much also. :) I will return for another retreat soon!