Friday, December 7, 2012

The Body Can't Abide, Not Yet

I have been walking
on the edge of possibility.
To continue to grab,
as I have
Or to let go
of the painful grip?
The mind sees,
but the body can't abide,
or at least not yet.
Right now, it is just breath
and the evidence
of the power of mind's habits.
Nothing to do,
but watch with loving patience
and trust in mindfulness.


  1. This is exactly where I am in my practice, continue to try to treat the mind's habits with kindness, curiosity, light heartedness and humor. Regard all dharma as dream...regard everything as a dream (Pema paraphrase:)

  2. that last sentence IS all any of us can do (lol be with) ...thank you for sharing where you are... where we all are if we are paying attention with compassion.

  3. Ann, thank you. Yes, keeping at it, without forcing. Or as Ruth Denison would say, warm determination . . .

  4. Laura, thank you for dropping by. I am heading out to your blog right now. Always an invitation to be more mindful, and kind . . .

    In gratitude,