Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Kind of Loving Kindness

In the midst of practice, I have discovered a new, more organic form of loving kindness.

No longer going through a suggested list: mother, father, those close to me, people I work with, people I see every day, acquaintances, difficult people, etc . . .

Instead letting thoughts about people come on their own accord, and each time, practice meeting that person with loving intention. Each time, getting in touch with the garden of flowers in my heart, and the same test. Can I hand out to that person a beautiful bouquet from the garden in my heart, wholeheartedly? Or does the mind object and ponders?

Not judging. Only an opportunity to investigate the state of my heart. How readily does it stay open? How many conditions are still stored in the mind?

Also seeing how much easier it is to just hand out the bouquet, without hesitation.

Training the mind, training the heart.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for offering this "next step" and for this deep investigation.

  2. I find it easy to hand out the bouquet without hesitation in the midst of practice. For me metta practice as such starts with oneself and extends naturally outward to family, friends, acquaintances, those with whom I am in conflict, all the way to all beings everywhere (however ambitious and ridiculous that aspiration might seem, I give it a shot). The beauty of extending lovingkindness to those with whom I am in conflict is most moving for me. I find it very easy, in the midst of practice, to sincerely desire for those who have harmed me that they might be happy and peaceful, and liberated.

    It's in the everyday world, off the cushion, where I have problems.