Sunday, June 6, 2010

Behind the Masks

One by one, I took down the masks 
behind which I hide

Flickr credit: MahPadilha

The psychotherapist
The blogger
The geek
The hospice volunteer
The thinker
The meditator
The woman
The poet
The mother
The wife
The daughter

And found nobody
To speak of.


  1. One sense of an interconnected being happy and sent to encourage that without faultering to a sense of being anything but a perfect means of peace.

  2. I love that last line.

    The whole piece says so much more than it would without those 3 words.

  3. Yep, you got it, Ian! :)

    Deep bow to you.

  4. Very nice post. Thank you Marguerite.

    I want to try more Being Nobody, just peaceful. I find the internet so conducive to solidifying an identity. "I" want *credit* for that comment. Or what if "I" say the wrong thing, much selfing...grasping...dukkha.

    Anonymous (but not the same Anonymous who posted 06June... hmmm :-) )

  5. Oh! how much I can relate to this whole business of "I" and need for validation, and the dukkha from self-centeredness . . . Way down by the roots of all cravings. Material things are nothing compared to the need for identity, and false security of solid I.