Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Perfectly Closed Feedback Loop

Mindfulness-based Social Media, to live up to its true social nature, involves not one, but at least one other equally mindful practitioner, with the participants publicly responding to each other's messages, until the thread runs its natural course.  I had such an exchange today with Maia Duerr

Me: publishing blog post on 'The Mindfulness Revolution at Work', including grateful mention for Maia's research in the field.
Me: tweeting Maia, to let her know about post.
Maia: tweeting back to thank me.
Maia: tagging me in facebooking update mentioning my post, and adding sweet reference to my blog
Me: responding to Maia's update with appreciation
While this may feel like mutual admiration society, the net outcome on my side was the  happiness from a sweet feedback loop brought to perfect closure. If only all social media interactions were this kind, and complete . . . 


  1. Marguerite,
    How wonderful to articulate the process this way! And how great to participate in a 'sweet feedback loop.' And in fact, you may even have missed the coda to this loop, wherein I tweeted this:

    Mind Deep: Coining 'Mindfulness-Based Social Media'
    (about 7 hours ago via HootSuite)

    : )