Thursday, December 30, 2010

In This Moment

I just finished reading Ayya Khema's book, 'Be an Insland'. It took me a long while, as I took it in only a few pages at a time, usually before going to sleep. As with other great teachings, Ayya Khema's wisdom needs to be contemplated, slowly, in bit size.

I was struck by the fact that she ended on this note:
Being mindfully aware in and out of meditation is the practice that brings results. It means doing one thing at a time, attentive to mind and body. When listening to Dhamma, just listen. When sitting in meditation, just attend to the meditation subject. When planting a tree, just plant. No frills, no judgments. This habituates the mind to be in each moment. Only in such a way can a path moment occur, here and now. There is no reason why an intelligent, healthy, committed person should not be able to attain it with patience and perseverance.
So simple. 

Today, I shall strive to remind myself to focus on the task at hand, moment to moment. Driving to Zen Hospice, I shall only drive. Feeding a resident there, I shall only feed him. Taking a walk later, I shall only walk. Meeting my friend for coffee, I shall only talk, or listen to him . . . 

So simple. So difficult to sustain.

Hence practice :)


  1. A beautiful reminder Marguerite. Thank you. I now have started to check your blog every day for a new post. Keep up the great practice!

  2. And more Striving then ever .

  3. yes, I often feel like my practice is like walking a tightrope, trying to stay right in the moment - then I laugh and realize that the rope is infinitely wide and there's no need for fear.

  4. thanks for sharing this wonderful wise advice!! yes, it is so simple in theory as a society of multi-taskers it makes me chuckle!
    sitting at my computer wandering to your blog...drinking coffee...going over my daily list...talking to my partner...aaahhh, the ritual of mindfulness! some days it feels like i am in 24 hr meditation just noticing my mind flittering from one random thought to the next...thanks for some clarity today!

  5. Thank you David.

    Helping each other along the path :)

  6. Sam, what a beautiful image! Thank you for sharing.

    I too derive so much ease from knowing that ALL of this moment is to be embraced, hindrances, unpleasantness, sweetness, joy, suffering, peace . . . you name it!

    Loving kindness.

  7. Hazel, yes, multitasking is such a bad habit, to be indulged only in extreme circumstances. We all suffer from ADD to some extent :)