Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few Bits of Wisdom From Ruth

I just got words that Ruth Denison's new website was up, thanks to the efforts  of a few members of the   Dhamma Dena sangha.

Picture of Ruth during the Fall 2010 women's retreat at Dhamma Dena

While wandering through the site, I came across some of Ruth's prized gems:

If you live in the present, there is no future.

Each moment is different, there is a hidden jewel in every one.

Notice your awareness. Endless are the ways to be attentive.

Be open and accept whatever arises with the clarity of attention—without liking or disliking.

Seeing comes from inside to outside, not from outside to inside.

Witness life within you. Not “my” life, since there is no possessor. Direct the observing mind to where the sensations are—to the energy field.

Let the silence of the mind receive the energy of the body.

When we use the breath to quiet the mind, craving ceases.

Don't let thinking rob you of your experiences.

Meditation is not a search for something; rather it is a journey to discover what is here.

Lacking awareness of our true nature leads to insecurity and fear.

My favorite reflection is the one before last. Echoing Ruth's teaching, I have found such freedom in giving up the quest for a better state, and instead shifting the practice to curious investigation.

What is your favorite quote in the list?

PS - I am seriously considering attending part of Ruth's Fall retreat. Anyone else is interested?


  1. I liked the same one you did and also this one: Don't let thinking rob you of your experiences.

  2. Yes, using anchors of breath, body and sounds to guard one's from 'thinking about' . . .

  3. Would you post something about her retreat? I loved them all and am curious about her!

  4. For notes on retreat I attended with her last year, you may browse through this series of posts:

    Regarding upcoming Fall retreat, the info is posted up on her website, and I will also take notes, videos, photos, etc . . . if and when I go.