Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sitting 'Til the End

It's a physical and a mind thing
Sitting, feeling the full effect of Mara's attack
Cold blood coursing through whole body
Throat tightening, and the usual knots in the stomach
The Buddha, too, felt the same way, minutes 
before the light dawned on him
It helps to name the poisons of fear, and aversion
and to trace their source, back to the mind's doings
Thoughts about a perceived enemy, real close by,
and what might happen if, if I do this,
what might he do? and quick the wisdom to not linger
and choose a different place upon which to dwell
Loving kindness, yes, that he may be well, and at peace,
that I too, may be at peace, and at ease . . .
Not expecting too much too quickly, and feeling 
the full effect from the poison, unwillingly taken
Sitting 'til the end, sitting still 'til the bell ring.


  1. Thanks for the prose.
    I keep bringing this to mind....all problems will cease when I cease. There will be a time close to death, when I just will sigh, letting go of putting any emphasis on problems anymore. Find that sigh, now and smile. You know what it will be like from seeing clients pass at hospice.

  2. Yes. So much energy wasted making up problems in our mind . . .