Saturday, September 17, 2011

"I Have a Problem"

An overzealous turn of the wheel as I was parking my car left the steering wheel stuck in one position. I looked at the manual, followed the instructions. Try wiggling the key while at the same time turning the wheel in either direction. Nothing moved. 

When I got to work, I saw Bud sitting in his wheelchair, taking a smoke outside. Bud was a bus driver for thirty years, and he knows tons about transportation and cars. I was not going to let the opportunity go by. 

"Tell me, Bud, I have a problem and I am hoping you can help me." He perked up.

I told Bud about my car problem, and got the answer I needed. Yes, try again to wiggle the key and the steering wheel. And if that doesn't work, call AAA, they will have to go under the hood to unlock the security control.

For a moment, Bud got to be his old competent self again.

We all need to feel useful. 

And we all need to remember to give others opportunities to contribute also. 


  1. Needing to feel useful:
    Kick the front tire hard, or rock the car if not too jammed against the curb.
    If all else fails, stop, with arms at your side, look up at the sky and while looking up, SIGH! It opens the chest( heart) and throat where you holding all the tension.

  2. what a lovely little vignette. And reminding us there is always an opportunity for compassion, caring and generosity if we are open to the opportunity. Bows to you for your wonderful practice and your willingness to inspire us with the sharing of it.

  3. Thank you Carole. So many kinds of gifts we can give . . . In kind, words, answers to deep emotional needs, listening, silence, not reacting . . .

    And you have the gift of words. Reading you always fills up my heart and spirit. Thank you. Heading over to your blog, now!

  4. I follow you on my two different twitter accounts and, each time a tweet of yours shows up, I know I'm receiving something useful from amongst the hundreds of other posts. One brought me here today, to read this post about feeling useful.

    And then I scanned your posts and read the one about how we all must file on. A useful post for all to read.

    - Matt

  5. Thank you Matt. And, yes we all must file on . . . This is why being with the old and the dying is such a powerful practice. It certainly has been for me.

    Peace and blessings to you.

  6. I agree. I think life becomes dull and gray once we realize we are no longer useful to other people. :-(

    Fickle Cattle

  7. Yes, and something we, the working and fully contributing people take for granted.