Monday, October 10, 2011

Gratitude Eight Times Over

Gratitude is about realizing what one has, and knowing it can be all taken away, just like that.
Gratitude is about noticing others' plight, and yes, comparing, and acknowledging one's good fortune.
Gratitude is about not taking anything, and I mean anything for granted.
Gratitude is about visiting several old folks' homes today, and seeing decrepit bodies, minds lost in another reality, and a place or two that made me want to flee, because it was so bad in there.
Gratitude is about appreciating my youth still, and my sound mind, and my independence, and the ability to contribute with my good work.
Gratitude is about realizing the control I have over my mind to host happy thoughts, or not.
Gratitude is about feeling so lucky to be able to speak, after hearing of a friend whose speech was taken away by a stroke.
Gratitude is about counting my many blessings, and holding them lightly in the heart.


  1. you must be channeling Canadian thanksgiving! never enough reminders to be grateful. thanks, as always!

  2. Gratitude is about being reminded of our choice to receive the gifts of being grateful - thanks to those who share their gratitude! Thank you Marguerite.

  3. Carole, is it really Canadian Thanksgiving time?

    In any case, gratitude hits me most whenever I encounter others less fortunate than I, and realizing it could be me . . .

  4. JDB, gratitude is really about noticing, isn't it?

  5. Gratitude is watching a terrible war (Libya) right next door and being thankful that justice prevailed.
    best, nadia