Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where Do You Dwell?

How much of yourself do you use to move through the world?

Only your head, thinking about things, usually from the past or in the future?

Or your entire body, thinking yes, and also seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, sensing? Experiencing.

I know I tend to dwell from the head mostly, and not even the whole head. Thinking brain in overdrive . . . 

The good news is, I have noticed a big shift. Thanks to daily practice, I am dwelling more and more in the entire body, and making use of all senses. 

Where do you dwell most?


  1. I feel very much in my legs, in my feet. I tend to look down a lot; might be a Zendo habit at large in the work-a-day world. My legs are often "feeling" Sore, strong, achey, fast, stable, weak, warm, cold.

  2. Good for you! There are too many of us walking heads . . .

  3. Funny, I've often though how cool it would be if we could relocate our smell, taste, hearing and seeing senses to make them more evenly distributed around the body. There's just so much going on in that little meatball!

  4. Yes, we humans are very much imbalanced that way . . . Thinking, at least the way I let it run the show, is really the problem, as far as I am concerned.