Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keeping The Insight Fresh

From Leigh Brasington, a comment made during the retreat:
When insight arises, that seems too precious to be lost, write it down, or better yet, write about it. Also, continue to reflect upon it. And last, share it with noble friends.
This is why I blog and tweet about my practice. And why I am so grateful for the conversations that take place here, on Mind Deep.


  1. Appreciate you and your sharing very much.

    Line that comes to mind from ancient script: "You are the salt of the Earth (to make it tolerable)."


  2. Ahhh! This is the exact opposite instruction we get in Soto Zen! How different, and parallel, the two paths are...

  3. Yet, there are many examples of beautiful zen writings born out of such insights . . .

    As with anything else, what matters most is the intention behind the writing.

  4. What's born is painted rice cakes. I don't even like real life rice cakes!