Monday, April 29, 2013

Mindfulness, Right View, and Letting Go

When the mind is calm enough, and the heart opens, insight can arise. 

This morning, sitting, I could clearly 'see' that practice is very simple. To sit with the intention of putting  awareness on the breath. Then sitting back and watching what happens. First in the body. Where is the tightness that prevents the free flow of breath in and out? And what comes along with it? Getting in touch with the heart stirrings, the hindrances in the mind. This morning was sadness, and longing, laced with a bit of fear and tiredness. And thoughts, mostly about 'me' in different roles, past and future. 

Remembering the intention of mindfulness, and that breath is where the truth lies. Everything else, a product of disturbed mind. Sitting, I could feel the repeated pain from each automatic thought coming at the forefront. Each one a variation on clinging, and the product from deep seated illusion about the solidity of self. 

Each time sitting like this, the mind gets a bit wiser, a bit less attached to itself. There is no way around practice. One needs to put in the time. 


  1. Thank you for these timely reminders. Perfect.

  2. Thank you for putting so succinctly the truth - and so they say, "The truth will set us free".

  3. Pardon the sailor's tongue. I just needed to share the joy I feel at reading this. So wise. So I can stop being controlled by negative opinions by focusing on a constant: the breath. Focusing on the constant that is breathing reveals the mind/brain's latest focus to be transitive and then that negative thought loses power. THAT is why meditation can rid you of negative emotions! Why couldn't those damn new-agey weenies just say that! I love mind deep because it's Buddhism without bullshit.

  4. Thoughts are not the problem, and emotions are not the problem.