Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Cause of Stress

Sitting still, I get to see the stress within.
A tight throat, a knot in the stomach,
a clenched jaw, worried thoughts,
agitation in the heart, pain in the neck,
it's all the same . . .
The mind's decided it does not like
what's happening
Whether passing of a dear thing
or  present unpleasantness,
it does not take long.
The mind hangs on to its dislike
and the body manifests.
The mind can't wrap itself around 
the difficult truth. 'I' keeps on wanting 
the impossible, all fun and no pain.
There lies the stress, the tension
between what is, and what is wished for.
Each moment of mindful attention, a nano step 
closer to the necessary renunciation.

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