Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Mind Curator

Dwelling in one's mind and heart,
one gets to be a curator of the space within.

Sifting through the constant influx of thoughts,
checking for quality. This, yes. That, no.
And so on . . . constantly watching.
Swiftly discarding that which might blemish 
the otherwise pristine blank walls.
Taking the time to appreciate the occasional treasure,
and giving it the space it justly deserves.

Same with probing the heart, acknowledging
each visitor. Then deciding whom to welcome,
and whom to usher out the door. And how to go about it.
Wide open love, compassion, rejoicing, and peace
are equally welcome to stay. Not so anger, craving,
and their cohort of other disruptive accomplices.
Even so, being patient, and understanding.

The mind curator never gets to rest.


  1. loving this image of curator of the inner space. ah, to fill those inner galleries with love, peace, beauty, equanimity, compassion, gratitude and generosity.

  2. Nice! - but mostly for me it feels like overseeing a junk yard of things strewn in - not curated!

  3. I have to keep an eye on my inner curator. For the most part, its swift discarding can be trusted to let go of useless/harmful thoughts, but occasionally I catch it being sneaky and tossing out thoughts I really shouldn't be ignoring :)

  4. I have to be careful about this curating business, because that puts me in the position of judging myself and herding (in order to cherish) the "good stuff" and trying to keep out (as aversion) the "bad stuff".
    I find it can be very easy to slip into a "love and light" kind of outlook if I'm not keeping in mind that the lotus is rooted in the mud, grows through the unclear water and blossoms above the water, yet never looses its vital connection. It doesn't want to become something else and changes naturally, through growth.