Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Big Joke

I close the door. Set the timer. Sit on my cushion. Close my eyes. And wait for the bell. Looking forward to 30' of quiet. Listening to my thoughts, the pulsing of my heart, and ready for whatever comes. Then the cacophony starts. Slammed doors. Spoon hitting breakfast bowl. Water running in kitchen sink. Microwave beeping. He's in the kitchen, going about his business, and interrupting my meditation. Frustration, frustration . . . with a few breaks in between from paying attention to a breath here and there. Dogs' footsteps on the bark, outside. Soon joined by squirrels shaking some leaves. Train blowing its horn. I am not in control. Better go with it, whatever it is. Pressure cooker releasing its steam. Door slamming. Conversation with the dog. Phone ringing, answered. Plane, distant sound. Annoyance. Mind taking over, suggesting that I change my tune, and join the chorus. As a willing audience. Taking in, looking forward to each new sound. Breathing. Expanding. Ironing the frown out of my forehead. And enjoying. Smiling. Car alarm, getting louder and louder. With jackhammer chiming in. I get it. The world's playing a joke on me. So that I get it. I don't get to decide, on the tune. I start laughing, just as the bell rings.

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