Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swept Away

Only two months ago, I was sure I would have nothing to do with anything 'spiritual'. Been there, done that . . . An involuntary passage through the darkness led me to change my view, and look inside for a breakthrough. Seeds planted years ago, during an earlier stint with Buddhism, had laid dormant and got reawakened. I did have an ah ah moment, when it became clear to me, that there's got to be a better way. And I finally understood in my core, what the Buddha meant by the inevitability of suffering, and the possibility of ending suffering, and the basic unsatisfactory nature of life, and the need to let go of aversion, and clinging, and avoidance. Now I am swept away by a force greater than I. And I have no choice but to go along.

My favorite part in the collage - this quote from an old Vogue: I wish the monks would adopt me and put me to useful work. I'd introduce casual Fridays, refrock them in Pucci paisley or Burberry plaid. Not that I am a fashionista. No. I am responding to the playfulness, the irreverence. Be silly. Be calm. And stay clear . . .

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