Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hot in Delhi

After two days of nonstop travel, I had been looking forward to the pleasure of a good night sleep at the hotel in Delhi. Instead, I was met with steaming hotness from broken air conditioner, and intermittent loud noises from night workers in courtyard below. What to do? I decided to seize the opportunity and practice lying meditation. After all I was following the Buddha's footsteps.

Body and mind softened by jetlag fatigue surrendered, easy, to the gentle flow of breath. Each  part so sweet   especially the  pregnant pause between each fall and rise, that filled with surprise of new hotness, and sometimes sounds, several of them at once.  And, when confusion was too much, it was back to breath. So sweet  still. . .

Mind, calmed. Body, rid of tension. Enough for sleep to do its job. Meditation is the best sleeping remedy.


  1. Hi Marguerite. It is not inappropriate to complain if you have some problems.(Indian folks do!) You can ask for another room with functional appliances (or properly running water or whatever is needed). Sometimes you may have to be a little assertive here.

  2. Glad you're there safe and sound!

  3. Have a wonderful time. That you are making time to deepen your practice shows caring not just for oneself but those around you too. Splendid!

    Yours In Dharma,


  4. Belated thanks to all of you for keeping me virtual company through Delhi hotness :)