Sunday, February 7, 2010

In the Buddha's Footsteps

Off, I am to India, to follow the footsteps of the Buddha, under the guidance of Shantum Seth. A 16 day pilgrimage during which I will get to visit all the places that marked the Buddha's life. Complete with meditation, talks, and site visits.

Sitting this morning before leaving, I got a taste of clinging, deep down, in the midst of just breath. I don't do well with separations, and this time is no exception. Leaving behind loved ones, and the sweetness of home, is creating some friction. In the Buddha's footsteps, I just sat and observed what it felt like to hang on, to what cannot be had. There was love, tainted with sadness, and fear of loss also. Further along, was boredom, and resistance to staying with the unpleasantness. In the Buddha's footsteps, I knew better than to quit, and continued to sit, breath by breath.

PS - Not sure how much  I will be able to write while on the pilgrimage . . .


  1. We just have to enjoy a long read if you couldn't update your blogs more regularly. With your excellent writing skills, I know I'll be able to experience the journey along with you.

  2. Safe and fruitful journey to you. This is something I have wanted to do so I look forward to hearing about it in your blog!

  3. Marguerite: WOW! India! The trip of a lifetime! Safe travels and bon voyage - I can't wait to hear all about it! xo kitty

  4. Marguerite -

    Enjoy your journey! I'm sure it will be an absolutely amazing experience. I felt great excitement for you in reading this and I'm sure you are very excited as well. Embrace all the feelings! Excitement, anxiety, fear, joy....they are all good teachers!