Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lightening Up

I have been tensing up lately. Too much. Was thinking about James Baraz's talk at IMC a few weeks ago, and his story about getting too serious about practice, and how it almost killed his ability to feel joy. 

It's time for a bit of Buddhist humor:

The last thing I want is to become dead serious . . .


  1. I remembered in one of Gil's talks about practicing Vispassana... the practice is self adjusting. You'll know if you're swinging too much in either directions....

    Before you try to adjust anything (maybe you don't need to.. :-) ), I'm sure that you're going to tell us that your experience in Inida. Enjoy the experience...I'll be following...

  2. Yes, Nomad constantly readjusting, more left, more right . . . moment by moment, and also over long course.

    Thank you for our spiritual friendship.

    Not sure how much I will get to computer during India trip, but I will try! :)

    With metta,


  3. No ma'am. Just like to read yours.

  4. I found your blog while searching for other female Buddhist bloggers to read, for whatever reason reading about others spiritual journeys helps to keep me on track in my own relatively new journey into Buddhism. So Thank You!