Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day One of Retreat

Just back from retreat with Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella, along with Nancy and Greg, the cooks, and twenty six other retreatants. I remember what it felt like on the first day, exactly a week ago:

No escape,
no computer, no cell phone, no talking, no reading books, no shopping, no drama, no to-do, no swimming, no driving, no biking, no cooking, no appointments, no dogs to walk,  . . .
No other option but,
being with myself, and making the best of it,
being with body aches, and the tyranny of thoughts, and uncertain emotions,
being with 'don't likes'
being with myself.


  1. I can remember sitting down for dinner on the first night of several retreats I have attended and thinking "what am I doing here?" So I understand the "no escape"!

  2. Coming and going.
    We never leave.
    Welcome back.

  3. Nice! I love listening to Gil's talks online... I'd like to meet him someday... Seems like a great guy and teacher as well

  4. Hello ZenDot, so nice to connect with you again. I need to go visit you on your blog and find out about your settling down in your new home. I always get inspired by your writings. Straight from the heart, and so infused with the Dharma.

  5. Helmut, yes, we never leave, although it certainly FEELS like it often . . . During the retreat, I found the mind wandering less and less, and very much appreciated the quality of presence.

  6. Shindo, if you want to meet Gil, you may want to consider going on retreat with him. That is, if time and money allow of course!