Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not Bad, Just Unskillful

I have become rather fond of the term 'unskillful'. It assumes being kind and loving, is a skill that can be learned. Lots of hope there . . . It also helps in relating with those not blessed with the skills of right speech and right acting. When confronted with such a person, I now think, oh! he (or she) suffers from wrong speech, and does not know any better. And I end up feeling for him, and wishing him well.

Another gift from the Dharma!


  1. I find it helpful also to exhibit that compassion when confronted with my own Un-skillfull means.

  2. What I find unskillful in my speech... is offering my opinion when not asked for, another reason not to speak I find.

  3. Yep! silence is noble indeed . . . and so is deep, active listening.

  4. That's a very nice statement! Isn't it amazing how just a few words can completely change how we view things, and the chain of thoughts that follow.

    with palms together,

  5. Language as easy shaper of our thoughts, and hence actions.

    Deep bow to you.