Friday, May 28, 2010

The Pain of Hungry Monkey

Sitting this morning, I was the hungry monkey.

Trapped by my own clinging to the sweet honey of 'doing'. I have been working too much lately, and my body is on a roll. Stomach in a knot, throat and jaws, tight, shoulders high, heat rising to the head. I could feel the suffering from the clinging. Such a clear connection.  

Patiently, I sat. Sensing. Breathing. Investigating. Fully knowing that I was not to add yet another craving, as in wanting the release from the clinging.

Instead, holding the moment, tension and all, with great gentleness.


  1. I have learned to let go of clinging so hard to achieving more and more all the time. The act of being still is the primary movement for creative and conscious action present and mindfull. Thanks. Zranda

  2. "Patiently, I sat."
    Yes! We sit With.
    Not in spite of, or because of.
    Thank you.

    In Gassho,

  3. Thank you Zranda. Yes, being, really being. Such a fertile place for happiness, and creativity.

  4. Helmut, sitting with. All of it, regardless. :)