Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meditation in Saint-Sulpice

Following up on yesterday's resolution, I went to Saint-Sulpice to meditate. Prad came with me. We picked seats in the back row of one of the side chapels where it was most quiet. And bowed to each other, and started to sit, eyes closed in the sticky warmth. 

For a second, I wondered, did I know how to do this, still? That's how disconnected I felt. Staying with the feeling, and the buzzing energy, I found my way in, back to myself, very quickly though. All of it. Breath, sensations in the body, thoughts, emotions, hearing, smelling, touching, all the contact experiences between senses and the outside, . . . Soon, the incense, the steps and the whispers from tourists started to recede. There was no longer emotions, pleasant or unpleasant, nor thoughts. I had found my center, again. Right at the edge of the deep water well, where breath becomes so subtle and sweet. And was reminded of time passing, by the sound of Christian hymns coming afar, from the main altar, and signaling the start of the seven o'clock mass. Opened my eyes, and turned towards Prad, touching his right arm, softly. 

Out of the church, we walked, feeling anew.

Sitting meditation. Such a gift to self. I just wonder about the people who do not meditate, and how they must feel. I think once one has tasted from the pure water of stillness, it is almost impossible to not want it again. 


  1. "by the sound of Christian hymns coming afar..." Qu'elle belle image! Et qu'elle ├ęglise magnifique pour se poser.

  2. Ah, this made me smile! I love hearing that you were able to find a moment to just be, even in the chaotic atmosphere of Paris in the summer. I need to practice this more myself when I travel. It's so easy to get out of normal habits when traveling, but I think you point out the right mindset. We should view this as a necessity...doing it to do it, not just when we want to do it.

  3. Thank you Donna. We went back today, and admired the Delacroix paintings on our way out :)

  4. Yes, Nate. Just as necessary as brushing one's teeth. Cleaning the mind, every day. Best incentive is the unpleasantness that comes from not practicing. I am very grateful that I got to experience it full blown.

    The only way to learn . . .

  5. "feeling anew"

    such a wonderful choice of words.

  6. Yes, feeling anew, I certainly did!

    Thank you, Ian, and deep bow to you.