Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Meditate?

I often get asked the question, what's the point of meditation? Here is a great answer from Ayya Khema. Short, simple.

My take away:

We take great care of our body. We go to sleep to give it some rest. We wash it. We feed it. We protect it. We exercise it . . . 

How about our mind? Do we pay attention to it? Do we give it a rest? Do we purify it? . . . For most of us, the answer is no. And yet, our mind is more important to our well being, than our body even.

The only way to care of our mind is through meditation. This is why we should meditate every day.


  1. I haven't listened to the video yet, but I certainly will. Definitely agreed that we need to tend to the mind. Just this morning I had experience with how futile this process sometimes seems. Constant thoughts about work, what I needed to do and resulting stress, anxiety and anger were flooded in my head. I have to remain at peace with the fact that this is not a linear process and sometimes won't be quite as quiet as others. On the positive side, there's much to learn from all experiences whether they're labeled as 'positive' or 'negative.'

  2. Yes, no different than brushing teeth every morning. Imagine what would happen if we never brushed our teeth . . .