Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Buddhist Monk That Makes a Lot of Sense

Why U Tejaniya's Star Keeps on Rising.

He is young, relatively for a monk. He is funny, which can be rare in the Asian Theravada crowd. And he has a refreshing view of Dharma practice. He is the author of the book, 'Don't Look Down on The Defilements: They Will Laugh at You' - here, here, and here. His name is U Tejaniya, and he is the abbott of the Shwe Oo Min Meditation Center in Burma.

What I like most about U Tehaniya, is his emphasis on the attitude one brings to mindfulness practice, which is something I have been keenly aware of during my own practice.

The more I read about U Tejaniya, and I discover his teachings, the more I wish to spend time in his company. Today, I shall apply for Burmese meditation visa, in preparation for a retreat at his monastery at the beginning of next year.


  1. Katherine at Sharanam (On the Precipice) blog has many posts on her Burma experience with U Tejaniya - along with quite a few great pictures of him, the monastery, and nature in Burma. Here is the link:

  2. great blog - thanks for sharing this stuff. I stumbled across you yesterday, noticed this post and downloaded the pdf's of the book 'Don't Look Down on The Defilements: They Will Laugh at You'. I haven't read it all yet but i will do.. very simply written and a great reference/reminder, i like it. i just wanted to say thankyou as i wouldnt have came across it if it wasnt for your blog. sue

  3. Yes, great teachings from great teacher. Wonderful for their simplicity, and earthiness.

  4. If you have trouble getting the meditation visa in your country, feel free to contact me: kumara.bhikkhu@g(deletethis)
    It seems that Malaysia is the easiest place to get it