Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Weeks With Ruth Denison

Ever since I read her biography, Ruth Denison has been in the back of my mind.

Ruth Denison, Vipassana Dharma Elder, and grande dame of Theravada Buddhism in America, is one of only four western disciples given permission to teach by U Ba Khin, the Burmese master and layperson known for his expertise of the sweeping method and practical application of mindfulness. Ruth has had quite a life, and embodies the best of what the feminine can bring to the Dharma. She was the first Buddhist teacher in the U.S. to lead an all-women's retreat. 

This afternoon, I followed my heart, and arranged for some time with Ruth, in the form of a two week women's retreat with her at the end of October. I can hardly wait!


  1. Hello Marguerite - I found your post after trying to find a way to register for this retreat! Do you know if we just send a letter saying we want to come? Thank you for any assistance and perhaps I will see you there! Sorry I don't have a profile of any kind. . . .

  2. Sure, I am happy to point you in the right direction.

    I just went on Ruth's website where I found her contact info, and then called the number listed:

    Ruth Denison
    c/o Dhamma Dena Monastery and Desert Vipassana Community
    PO Box 183
    Joshua Tree, CA 92252


    Her assistant called me back, and instructed me to send letter of confirmation with deposit, and flight arrival information in Palm Springs. Ruth also called me later to chat.

    with metta,