Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Wrong With This Moment?

Walking, biking, standing, 
sitting, talking, writing,
lying down, driving, swimming . . . 
I often encounter 'it',
a general feeling of dislike
about this moment.

I know all the signs:
tightness in the throat, 
stomach in a knot,
bitter taste in the mouth,
sadness in the heart,
and tiredness all over.

Inside thinking mind,
I find dreams of a different life,
sweeter, easier, more peaceful,
simpler, better, and without pain.
I imagine different conditions,
to make me happy.

Today, the light went on,
and I saw with great clarity,
the exit sign, pointing the way
out of dilapidated old house.
Nothing's wrong
with this moment.

PS - if you liked this poem, you may enjoy Gil Fronsdal's talk: 'It's OK' 


  1. Thank you Lori . . . Sustained mindfulness has this way of shedding light. An unfolding process towards complete acceptance.