Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everyone's Dishes

Gems are to be found in the pettiness of daily life.

This morning, I was moved to do everyone's dishes. Usually, small mind's got things to say that get in the way of such generosity:

These are not MY dishes.
YOU clean your own mess.
. . .

This morning, the heart was open, and there was no MINE, nor YOURS. Only dishes that needed to be washed. And the joy of meeting dirty bowls and spoons.


  1. lovely reminder that generosity can be just this and that it arises naturally out of our continued training! Joy- not just another dish soap!

  2. ...and it is a joy reading you, dear marguerite...

    i have read a bit in your blog and your last huff-post this morning before going to work. it touched me deeply. and i just wrote something in german that i will try to translate partly in english. i feel my english not fluently, yet here it goes. hope it is to understand:

    is there a general disease we could call hyperactivity of defining and labeling?
    and do we lose meanings in the progression?

    perpaps what we call disease, sickness, illness is nothing but the way of nature to balance. i mean surely many of us have heard that so called blind people (or others who lack one sense) have their other senses better developed in return. but are we interested in what their amplified sensory perception tells them about life, about us? or is it much more so that we have learned to define people by what they seemingly lack and then we stay with that definition, because ít´s more comfortable?

    my work with people who have dementia has lead me to the opinion that they do not lose something most important, but rather they regain something very important, namely the human ability to feel deeply. as far as i can see they develop a fine sense wether other people (e.g. we who are with them) are real, authentic. and they also develop something we all were capable to as children: the unwillingness to be not real, to be not authentic...honest. btw, yes, they work with me, too, maybe more than the other way around. only i get the money.

    with love, too, doris

  3. i like this..simply beautiful.

    want to come and do mine?
    heheh! sorry..being cheeky :-P

  4. Sue, thank you. :)

    And may you enjoy doing dishes!

  5. Carole (zendot) I appreciate your point about generosity arising naturally out of continued mindfulness.

    Generosity does not come naturally to me, and it's been quite a process! True generosity cannot be forced however, and it has to come from the heart. And when it does, yes, such a joy, such a lightness.

    I need to go over to your blog to check on your settling in!

    With metta,


  6. Doris, thank you so much!

    Just reading your comment, I felt a great kinship with you, and I am delighted to meet.

    Thank you for all the work you do in dementia care partnering.

    Do you have a website, blog, other than Twitter?

    Your English is very good by the way . . .

  7. Marguerite, how precious i find you being..

    i collect words at inoma..inoma is not my surname, it´s a name i´ve given myself.

    i´ve no own website but here >> you can find a bit about me, when you scroll.

    i like my work as ´pflegehelfer` - kind of assistant of nurse in home health care which i´m doing since about five years, a lot. mbsr helps me with everything! if all goes well i become an MBSR-instructor (as you say, not teacher) myself, and then join it with care.. i may study with Linda Lehrhaupt & other teachers in vienna. it starts in two weeks...
    thank you, Marguerite, for what you do & your net-activities & your kind replies. wish you love & joy from heart. doris

  8. thank you Doris. I will go visit your place on the web . . . :)

    The great contribution of MBSR as I see it is that it brought mindfulness practice into the mainstream and to people in great suffering who might not be able to benefit from it otherwise. Jon Kabat-Zinn is a real marketing genius in that respect!

  9. Beautiful. This instantly gave me a nice shift in perspective--I often find myself seeking protection through separation--"yours" or "Mine" This is due to a fear of being taken advantage of ... never a full way to live.
    Absolutely lovely. Thanks!

  10. Glad to help with shift . . . I find these kind of moments come as a natural result of slow ripening within. Reading about others' experiences and drawing inspiration from them has been a part of that ripening process. I am very glad to be able to participate in the ripening web :)