Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Think Too Much

Our usual thinking mind does not do well with nuances. At least, mine doesn't . . . 'I feel grief.' 'I love this!' 'I have a lot of pain.' So many examples of blanket thoughts that solidify one's experiences and leave no room for the ever changing reality of life. 
We think that there is some sameness all the time, something that is always there. This is the way we create continuity in our mind. Thoughts create continuity and they create this idea of sameness. When we totally stop thinking and become mindful and concentrate and pay attention to whatever is happening right now, we see that something is arising right now. It was not there before. It is right now.
~ U Jotika, 'A Map of the Journey'
This morning, feeling the heat of anger rising, I stepped outside of habitual thinking mind, right into the inferno.  And discovered with great wonder, a myriad of physical sensations, many of them quite pleasant, that kept coming and going. I did this for a few minutes, for that was all the time I had. The whole experience made me curious though. What else would I have discovered, had I lingered some more?

Life as a stream. Always moving, always changing, alive . . . 


  1. Marguerite,

    Wonderful post as usual. We think, think, think, filter, filter, filter, interpret, interpret, interpret all day long. We are often dealing with secretions of the mind, with numerous opportunities to be distracted and move away from the present moment. For that reason, I make the effort to not get blinded or overly consumed in what I am seeing.

    Hands Palm to Palm,


  2. Smiling heart, allow me to smile with you!

  3. Seiho, so good to reconnect with you here. I am due for a visit at Digital Zendo . . .

    The paradox of course is that we are using words and thoughts to communicate here, and that's a good thing.