Monday, September 6, 2010

Up Pali Highway

Three days in a row, we drove up Pali Highway,

Pali Highway
through the tunnel, and past the Pali Lookout sign,

Pali Lookout
with the Pali peak on our left.

Pali Mountain
Three days in a row, sitting in the passenger's seat, I felt grief the whole way, and also later as we took our usual long walk along Kailua Beach. Grief, looming big in the middle of tropical sweetness. I wanted to explain it away, but couldn't. Being with, was the only option left.

Kailua Beach
Walking back, pangs of morning hunger took over. All I could think of, were the bananas awaiting in the car.

Out the grief, in the small suffering of not yet satisfied craving for food.

PS - Clever mind got a real kick out of, Pali (cliff in Hawaiian) - Pali (the language of the Buddha's teachings) :)

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