Saturday, March 12, 2011

Up in Flame

This picture from the recent tsunami in Japan really got to me:

We rest our well-being on so many (false) assumptions:

that the earth beneath our feet is to be trusted
that our house will shelter us always
that we can stay warm in the midst of the winter cold
that we can eat as much as we need
that we can drink to quench our thirst
that our loved ones will be around for a while
that we will be around for a while
that we can visit the ATM whenever we want
that we are safe from destruction

Upon these, rests our relative happiness. 

You and I are on shaky ground, literally, and figuratively. A most uncomfortable place, and the source of much suffering. And why we need to keep on practicing to free ourselves from the prison of conditioned happiness.


  1. wow, a very clear and humbling post Marguerite, thank you!

  2. And I was reminded that this is a natural phenomenon - an arising of causes and conditions - the passing of tectonic plates creating havoc, yet the earth is not troubled. Certainly tragic and much loss of life and a cause of much suffering, but we can make it worse by adding our thoughts of how it should not be, or that things should be different, we can feed our fears and create agitation in the mind... can we find a way to hold it all with compassion in the midst of this destruction and devastation? A reminder of the preciousness (and fragility) of our human existence here on Earth and that we have no knowing of how long we have... or how long we might have to practice... we have only now to be present, to practice well, to open to the possibility of being free.

  3. Thank YOU, Nate! I found this contemplation quite freeing actually. Nothing left to hang on to . . .

  4. Lori (dharmadancer), thank you for gift of shared understanding.

    Yes, only this moment. We cannot trust in a tomorrow.