Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Rest Stops For the Mind

Isn't it wonderful? We carry with us all we need for the mind to rest. 

No need to go on expensive vacations, or to visit luxurious spas. No need to wait for another time. No need to take classes.

Right here, in the body, we can find 3 places where to give the mind a break.

First is the breath. Landing our attention on each breath, in and out, getting absorbed in the ebb and flow of each inhalation, each exhalation. Even if for only just one breath . . . 

Second are the feet. Feeling the sensations in each foot as it touches the ground. Whether standing, sitting, walking, or lying down. Becoming a sensing being, even if for only just one step . . . 

And third, the hands. The left hand, the right hand, resting, or clasped, or hanging at each side. Feeling each finger. The coldness, the warmth, the blood coursing through. Sensing, even if for only a few moments . . .

3 places of rest, accessible anywhere, any time. 


  1. simple, yet so valuable. thanks for the reminder

  2. Remembering that the Buddha lists the body as the first of four foundations of mindfulness . . .

  3. Thank you Marguerite. Because of you, I just took a little vacation this very moment!

  4. Oh! I am glad. Amazing how what we need most, is right there, within us and most of us, most of the time do not bother . . .