Friday, June 10, 2011

I Like to Sing

Why I do the work I do:

Last Saturday, I witnessed Emma break into a smile, and start clapping, and singing "America . . . ". I kneeled besides her wheelchair, and clapped and sang with her. The musician leading our group had succeeded once more to open doors for residents like Emma who are otherwise walled into silence. 

A few days later, I stopped by her room, and sat by her as she laid curled up on her bed. I told her how much I had enjoyed seeing her so happy, singing the other day. And got her to smile. "Yes, I like to sing." 

I have been thinking a lot about Emma and her quiet suffering. 

"We've got to get you to sing more often, Emma."


  1. I remember taking the "Awakening Joy" course a number of yrs ago with James Baraz and how he encouraged people to sing as a way to tap into joy and well being.

    It is interesting to think about it (and do it!) Lispers don't lisp when they sing. It seems a whole other part of our brain is called in to play. Yes, play!

  2. Yes, singing, art making, dancing, massage, gardening, aromatherapy, all back doors to otherwise walled in consciousness.