Monday, June 6, 2011

Thinking of Charlotte Joko Beck

I got word today that Charlotte Joko Beck had entered hospice. Charlotte is one of the few remaining old grande dames of contemporary Buddhism, along with Ruth Denison and Toni Packer.

In her honor, I would like to share this video:

Yes, formal practice is not the whole thing. Just like practicing scales on the piano does not make one a great pianist. "It's not enough."

Nothing like the crucible of the daily hassles . . . Aren't we lucky?


  1. thanks for posting that video Marguerite, I really enjoyed it.
    It is so true that applying it all in the 'real' world is what its all about.

  2. Yes.

    And wishing you a full day of real practice.

    Also inviting me to join in sitting #meditation right now, setting the tone for the day ahead :)

  3. Yes, a 'Grande Dame' indeed! A very valuable video!

  4. Just like with Ruth, most valuable I find is the gift of her physical presence.