Monday, June 13, 2011

Sitting in Her Chair

Mindful care practice is a lot about putting oneself in the other person's place and acting on that awareness. This time was being in Pearl's walker/chair and realizing that eating in the conditions set up for her had to be a very frustrating experience. The communal table was too low for Pearl's chair to slide under. As a result, every bite looked like a precarious balancing act. Try bringing a spoon full of soup to your mouth from a bowl at arm length . . . 

The solution lied only a few feet away. A hospital tray table, the height of which could be adjusted to fit just on top of Pearl's chair. Pearl's eyes brightened. "Thank you for the table." Now she could relax and enjoy her food again.

The biggest gift was for me. An "I love you" from Pear, softly whispered, and a gentle kiss, blown my way.


  1. Loved this. Thank you; posts like these are like uncovering previously missed little slices of hope.

  2. So true - thank you for sharing a simple but deep insight Margeurite.

  3. You know, this is stepping back (&) mindfulness without effort - what you did today. this goes deeper and deeper, adding dimensions to the depth, very encompassing.

    Love you - kiss!


  4. ROd, JDB, nomad, Mandy, thank you my friends for gift of your appreciation. I am sure Pearl would blow you a kiss too!