Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the Gut

In case I did not get the message yesterday, today brought another dream, another sitting, about grasping. There, deep inside the body, was the tight knot, again. Same one I had felt in the dream, and also during yesterday's dream and meditation. Getting harder, tighter, more painful with each gentle breath. Making very clear, in case I had any doubts still, the connection between grasping and suffering. Right there in the flesh. The more holding on, the tighter the grip, and the more painful the feeling. It got to the point where knot seemed as if it had reached its limit, and more tightness was not a possibility any more. Something had to give. Awareness shifting to joy of being completely present to core experience. Breath relaxing into the joy, and the tightness, side by side. Knot loosening, a bit. Bell ring. Already?

From understanding the Buddha's words, that say "Desire is the root of suffering", to knowing that same truth from the gut, lies a world of difference.


  1. This just inspired me to write my intense dream from last night. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Glad to have been an inspiration. Just went over your blog and left a comment. So happy for you, that you are mining the wisdom of your dreams. May you be well, and happy in your new job!