Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Wisdom of No Doubt

Joy of sitting in completely quiet house. Enjoying the rhythm of just breath, and going down quick, to place deep in the center, where body and mind fade into complete stillness. Nice, very nice . . . Half-way through, creeping thought of 'So what?', coupled with feeling of boredom, and wish to end. Wise mind intervenes, to not let doubt do its dirty work,  and replace it instead with patience, and determination. One more breath, one more breath, . . . each time stretching waning concentration, amidst passing thoughts. Until bell rings, almost too soon.


  1. The part about "nice, very nice" reminds me of a comment one of my mentors made to me a week or so ago. A common "trap" is to get seduced by the "nice", thinking that that is the point. It is not. Investigate the "nice" for what it is, and what it is not. Even in "nice" there is dukkha and, of course, anicca.

    -- tomo

  2. Yes, Tom. Thank you! Deep happiness from concentrated state, and of course with it potential for attachment, hence suffering! :)

    Deep bow to you.