Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not So Fast

Washing dishes, mind not completely on the task, those thoughts came to me. Hey, I am doing pretty well. Relationships are falling in their place, concentration is getting easier and easier, mindfulness is more sustained, insights are coming in drove, . . . I get it! Feedback from my Dharma friends  seems to confirm.

Then I remembered this teaching, straight from the Buddha's mouth - from In the Buddha's Words, as edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi:
So, this spiritual life, monks, does not have gain, honor, and renown for its benefit, or the attainment of moral discipline for its benefit, or the attainment of concentration for its benefit, or knowledge and vision for its benefit. But it is this unshakable liberation of mind that is the goal of this spiritual life, its heartwood, its end.
Now, if  I would just wash dishes . . .


  1. Yes. Just so. Wash the dishes, eat the food, write the words, drive the car. No gaps. Thank you for your wonderful friendship.

    In Gassho,

    // Seiho

  2. Sounds simple doesn't it. Yet, not so in reality. This is why friends like you, and writing about it, and studying the texts, and listening to talks, and of course, vow of moment-to-moment mindfulness, are so important. It takes that much to get even close!