Monday, January 4, 2010

More Hong Kong Temptations

Day before last of our Hong Kong stay. Lots of indulgences, starting with stroll down to Vickie, an awesome store where beautiful shoes can be had for very little. I bought shoes for the girls back home, and also for me. Then off to Wang Fu, a hole in the wall dim sum place that was just awarded one Michelin star. Their pork and watercress dumplings and Lu Da Gung dessert were out of this world. Next was a foot massage at Happy Feet, which left me feeling as if I was walking on air. Six hours of one pleasure after the next. All along, with great appreciation for my good fortune, and also  the awareness of the transient nature of  such conditional happiness . . .

Back home, sitting in living room, my attention is drawn to hungry stomach. Thoughts of two pieces of Lu Da Gung I  brought back and shelved away in the fridge. Sitting with craving.

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