Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Short Periods, Many Times"

I have a wonderful gift I want to share with you. I first heard about it during a 'Joy of Living' retreat with Mingyur Rinpoche
'There are no rules governing formal practice. But there is one very practical guideline, which my father emphasized again and again to all of his students in a way that would make it easy for us to remember: Short periods, many times.'
This gift has become especially handy lately, as I have taxed both body and mind with too many hours of work, and not enough rest. Today, feeling fatigued, and yet having to deliver on several commitments, I followed Rinpoche's father's advice. Four times, I sat on the cushion, for 10' each, and I let mindfulness do its work. Mind refreshed, I was able to meet the demands from the day. 

Of course, I could have done myself violence, and endured instead a long sitting first thing this morning. The question is, what good would it have done?

To each day, its own rhythm, and meditation.


  1. Of course, that is not to say doing away with longer sittings or retreats . . . You out of all people know that :)