Saturday, April 2, 2011

How I Train Myself

While in the storm still, I have been thinking a lot about 'The Simile of the Saw' (or Kakacupama Sutta), one of the Buddha's teaching about anger and good will. Particularly this passage:
"Even if bandits were to carve you up savagely, limb by limb, with a two-handled saw, he among you who let his heart get angered even at that would not be doing my bidding. Even then you should train yourselves: 'Our minds will be unaffected and we will say no evil words. We will remain sympathetic, with a mind of good will, and with no inner hate. We will keep pervading these people with an awareness imbued with good will and, beginning with them, we will keep pervading the all-encompassing world with an awareness imbued with good will — abundant, expansive, immeasurable, free from hostility, free from ill will.' That's how you should train yourselves."
Today, I shall train myself to be unaffected and will say no evil words. I will remain sympathetic, with a mind of good will, and with no inner hate. I will keep pervading the one who badly hurt me with an awareness imbued with good will, expanding it even further to the whole wide world. Pondering those beautiful words: abundant, expansive, immeasurable, free from hostility and ill will. 

Trusting the Buddha to know best:
Attend constantly to this admonition on the simile of the saw. That will be for your long-term welfare & happiness.
Compassion for those hardest to love is a practical matter. It's good for the mind, it's good for the heart.


  1. Thank you for this. I really needed it (this week especially).

  2. What the troubles show us about ourselves-that is what I am concerned about, unwittingly (didn't know there are other possibilities)


  3. I have a hunch that what is happening will not harm but clear up and is come for good, setting you in dynamic circumstance 'new', liberated, fresh.

    Welcome to the new world!

    Blame the meditation for some part, we change so much, world when it cant cope up, it changes - I only mean changes big enough to leave debris.

    Walk through, step by step


  4. Rick, yes, I find the burden of anger and hate so unnecessary, unless, in the case of anger it is transformed into creative/assertive energy.

  5. Pooja, thank you so much. Your words really resonated with me. And yes, I do see the newness, the liberation that comes from letting go.

  6. First Noble Truth is the truth of suffering: We must acknowledge the real condition of our suffering and see it through without avoiding it or meeting it only half way.
    Is "training to be unaffected" like building more walls, growing a bigger shell? Are you trying to avoid the suffering? We want to be affected - this is how we can see through our illusions. Emotions are only our illusions being dismantled by reality... Have courage on the path! mettas

  7. Yes, I agree. I also subscribe to the view that it is important to not dwell in anger and hate. It does no one any good, and that is the task at hand here, I believe. Not denying, not suppressing, but instead feeling completely and then choosing love over what constricts the heart. Not reacting from habitual blaming, separatist stand, but responding instead from an island of calm. Equanimity.

    And thank you so much for caring. Much metta to you as well.