Friday, April 22, 2011

She Just Wants to Dance

"She's forgotten how to get on the table" the man says to me. He speaks with such authority that I almost believe him for a moment. 'She' is Katerina, an endearing woman at the eldercare community where I work. Katerina was diagnosed with Alzheimer's ten years ago at the early age of fifty one. 'He' is her massage therapist. 

There is music playing, and Katerina only wants to do one thing. She wants to dance. She takes me and forcefully spins me. I follow her lead, and the two of us start laughing. Beyond words, we understand that this is a moment for dancing, nothing else. 

Not jumping to conclusions. Not interjecting our ideas into the moment. Being present for what is.

Dancing . . . 


  1. Even though I do not have Alzheimer's, Katerina has reminded me that I forget to dance.
    Thank you Marguerite, and thank you Katerina.

  2. Thank you David. May you dance whenever you feel so moved!