Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nothing's For Sure

Coming out of nowhere,
another disturbance came today
toppling the castle of cards
so carefully assembled.

Past the initial shock,
there was laughter
at life's twisted sense of humor,
and then a pause.

So much time spent
rehearsing, planning, anticipating,
all in vain,
the truth is nothing's for sure.


  1. Woke up today to this gem of truth (and laughter). Thank-you!

  2. I hear you. The planning we do takes up so much time, and in reality, we are planning for nothing.

    I enjoyed your poem.

  3. A big nail hitting, with the truth of impermanence . . .

  4. Anne, that is the thing. The mind is dumb, and needs many wake up calls to finally awaken to the reality. Only this moment.

  5. Yes this has been the nature of my week! Heather's dharma talk this week was "we're like Nero fiddling while Rome is burning". It is a call to training when we realize as you say "nothing is for sure".

    I have always loved the Dogen quote: "train like your hair is on fire!"

    These thoughts have definitely been on my mind this week. Things like the Buddha's quote "all we take with us is our good and bad karma," (our actions) and his final words were something like, "work out your future with diligence"

    None of this is meant to sound "heavy" but simply the truth of this human realm.

  6. Carole, thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    And wishing you a kinder kind of day . . .

    Much metta,


  7. that's for sure! that nothing's for sure :o)

    it's been the nature of my life recently also. disturbance, the twisted sense of humour..the realisation..and again..

  8. and gratitude for this practice that can transform even the worst situation into a learning opportunity

  9. Nothings for sure/ accepting what there is/ life