Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Sit?

Sitting with nothing to do.
but just sit

and watch the ebbs and flows
of breath
and the frequent interruptions
of thoughts
a lot about 'me'.

Sitting with nothing to do
but just sit

and listen to the sounds
outside, and inside
and feel
the random pains
and pleasures.

Sitting with nothing to do
but just sit

and not liking
being with the unpleasantness
a lot of the time
still hoping for some bliss

Sitting with nothing to do
but just sit

and see the true nature
of mind
making up stuff
when there is only
body sitting quiet.

Sitting with nothing to do
but just sit.


  1. "still hoping for some bliss secretly." Now this line made me laugh out loud, yes!

  2. Sit with nothing to do

    rest the mind in 'nothingness'

    you wont have to wait for the breakthrough

  3. Thank you for this lines. You balance the dichotomy of "Nonduality"

  4. Nomad, yes, and also the reality of the untamed mind, in training. :)

  5. 'Sitting with nothing to do.
    but just sit...'

    :-) thankyou.

  6. Thank you, Hans. Non duality, duality, both concepts :)

    And then the direct experience of sitting with little outer stimulus. A long standing experiment in seeing mind at work. At first, I dismissed sitting as 'just sitting'. Mind not yet understanding, doubting, deluded. Now, I see it as a chance to apprehend the absolute reality of things. Thoughts seen for just that, thoughts, most of them not to be believed.

  7. When there is activity I seek peace, when there's peace I seek activity. What to do... Just sit and stop seeking .... ha ha I need to take my own advice. This crazy mind is .... just that.. crazy.

    Much peace to you all

  8. Thank you Miro. Thank you also for joining me in #wannasit meditations on twitter :)