Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Gladness of Steadiness

There is great joy in knowing one is doing exactly what is called for in the moment. While in that state of mind, the particulars of outer circumstances cease to matter. It requires slowing down, and sustained mindfulness practice. Taking the time to notice, what are the feet stepping on? what is the thought? what is the overall feeling? what is the right action, right now? what is the intention? Putting the leash on reactivity, and dwelling in the gladness of steady heart, and tamed mind. 

Almost all day, I spent that way. 

I wondered what happened? How come so much grace, all of a sudden?

And it became clear, the hindrances had receded, finally. Fear, aversion, doubt, craving . . . gone.  It had taken spending days in their intimate company, surveying all the suffering involved, for the heart to finally decide, enough! 

Until the next time. 


  1. Yeah, the outers cease to exist. Mind begins to sees thoughts as thoughts ... feelings as mere feelings, breaking up sensations and indeed then there is no such thing as pain, the inner (capapcity is limitless) observation and concentration rain joy of detachment, come what may!

  2. ah the fruits of training! Gladness must be in the Spring air as my post from last night is on the topic of gladness.

  3. The key thing for me is the willingness to stay with the hindrances for as long as necessary, 'til the attachment to those states ceases. Seeing where the suffering resides, the pain of it all, and the possibility of letting go of it.

  4. Thanks for letting me know, Carole (zendotstudio). Heading over to your blog right now, for some gladness :)